CRA Approved Tax Strategies for the Trudeau Regime

Most Conventional Tax Strategies May No Longer Be Effective.
These Are 5 CRA Approved Tax Strategies That Can Potentially…
Save Your Corporation, You and Your Family Millions!

Philip Setter and his team of Business Advisors; Accountants; Lawyers; and Actuarialists; have personally met with hundreds of privately-owned company business owners and saved them, and made them, hundreds of millions of dollars. Now we'd like to help you…

Get Retained Earnings Out of Your Corporation Tax Free!

Example of a Business Owner Selling Their Company and Saving Over 3 Million Dollars…

Tax Challenge Upon Sale of Company Conventional Accountant / Lawyer Arranged Strategy Business Critical Information Advanced Tax Strategies
Construction equipment service company – balance sheet is cash heavy, loss of capital gains exemption imminent, sale target timeframe of 6 years by current owners Dividend strip of cash, maximize LCGE Tax strategies that utilize numerous sections of the Canadian Tax Act with taxes being paid as incurred
Tax paid by company(ies) Small business rate Small business rate
Tax paid by owner $730K $0.00
After tax money in corporation N/A as it has been pulled out prior to sale. New owner deals with same cash heavy issue $0.00
After tax money in owner(s) pocket $1.3 M Income Stream $2.1M Income Stream
After tax money left to estate $0.00 $2.5 million (net)

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